2017 350 xcf off idle/on throttle jolt


Is this normal 2017 350 xcf behavior? Only have 4 hours on the bike. For the first half hour the throttle response in first and second was smooth off idle and holding constant revs didn't seem to be an issue. After getting off the track after that first halfa the throttle response off idle now causes the bike to lunge an amount and holding constant revs is somewhat difficult. Doesn't seem to matter where the revs are at when the throttle comes back on.

increasing the idle seems to help a little. Iv'e checked the cable (its pretty well spot on). I increased TPS a little above factory but it didn't appear to do anything. ECU adaptions crossed my mind. I don't recall this being a problem on the bike i test rode.

Can anyone with a similar model confirm smooth off idle response?


Use the clutch. I have the same feeling on my 250sxf I just slip the clutch.

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It the nature of the bike... 

I have the same problem on my 17 350 xc-f. I have 2hrs on the bike. Its real jerky off idle 1st and 2nd gear slow speed. I changed the front sprocket to a 13 tooth, that helped only slightly. The black throttle cam only exacerbates the problem. So for now I use the standard gray throttle cam, map1 with traction control as that seems to be the smoothest I can get it. I did take the bike to my shop where they verified idle speed but said there is little else they can do to ease the low speed jerkiness. I have a buddy with a 17 250 sx-f and he has the same problem in the pit area going slow.

My xcf does it too. Its just a little jerky. No big deal use the clutch and you will get used to it. There will be many times when you ned that snappy response.

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The throttle seems more like a light switch at low speeds. I agree the black throttle cam seems to exacsberate it more. 

You should try the 250sx it's about 5 times worse

winning by 4:1 lol

I think the problem is that it is a little lean on the bottom end plus I added a Akra slip-on which probably made it more lean. I'm going to try the Vortex ECU which is also supposed to help eliminate flame outs and stalling.  

On 8/14/2017 at 5:46 AM, mog said:

You should try the 250sx it's about 5 times worse

winning by 4:1 lol

Lies!!!    It's because you weigh 95 lbs wet, with gear on!

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