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2017 KX450f Shock specs

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I am curious if any of the suspension tuners out there can answer a question for me.  My problem was the rebound on my shock seemed extremely slow even at 14 clicks out.  I compared it to a 2017 Honda and you could literally see how much slower it was.   On the track it was absolutely terrible, harsh and would not track at all.  I just had my shock rebuilt by RG3 and had asked him to see if he could check that issue for me.  He found there were 7 rebound shims in the shock and said usually they have 5, mine was the first he had seen with 7.  Does anybody know what the stock spec is for this shock?  I am just wondering if I my shock was built wrong or if Kawasaki specified it that way.  Either way, it is 100% better than before with no other changes but I am still curious since I haven't heard anybody else having this issue. 

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