Some brushy mtn enduro trail shenanigans from yesterday

Little video from today.... met up with a few buddies and we did a couple sections of the enduro trail, which pretty much kicked our butts since we were getting tired already and most all of us were struggling, lol. We ended up meeting another group of 3 guys along the enduro trail, who were kinda in the same boat we were..... Getting tired and struggling. So after helping each other get up a nasty hill we all took a breather, and then just all rode back together. They were cool as hell.... Glad we ran into them  :grin: (they're the ones at the very end of the video)

And yea, as usual..... I'm not fast, and certainly not the most skilled rider there is, by a long shot, lol. But we had a good time. I doubt anybody wants to watch 18 mins of me putting along in 1st and 2nd gear, lol..... But if you do, here it is. Random clips from various spots along the way. I think we all had a few bloopers along the way too, haha. Of course video does it no justice whatsoever as to just how steep and nasty some of this stuff really is. All those rutted downhills are far from flat like they appear..... pretty much a semi-controlled downhill slide. I just try and steer it with the rear brake and not go off the side of the mountain, lol 

For some reason I forgot to get any pictures from today.... I'm usually the designated photographer, haha. But my buddy Ryan was with us as well... he has an '06 KDX-200. He rode with us in the morning but then his rear brake went out. We came back to try and get it fixed, but found the seal in the master cylinder had torn, so there was nothing he could do without a rebuild kit. He also had a little spill and hit his shoulder on a rock pretty hard and messed his shoulder up. He was hurting pretty bad, so he just packed up and left early. Sucks he was having such bad luck this weekend.... it was his first time at this place

Forgot my buddy snapped a pic along the way as well 


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Tilt that camera up a little young man.

What's your hours at now? 

16 hours ago, YHGEORGE said:

Tilt that camera up a little young man.

Lol yea I do need to go a little higher..... I had it just right for awhile then snagged a branch and it yanked it down. Moved it back up and though I had it where it was but I guess I need to go one more "click" up 

16 hours ago, 1gr8bldr said:

What's your hours at now? 

1 minute past 755 right now, haha 

3 hours ago, thirdgenlxi said:

1 minute past 755 right now, haha 

That's amazing. Especially not knowing how many the previous owner had on it. Motor must be a good one..... LOL and you must ride alot

The green anvil, great bike.

5 hours ago, YHGEORGE said:

The green anvil, great bike.

Absolutely is! These bikes are straight up indestructible.... and will do anything with zero drama. They just go, lol. I absolutely loooovee this bike.... it may be 17 years old but I have no plans on getting rid of it. Quite possibly the most reliable 2 stroke on the planet, lol :thumbsup:


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