Dr. D ride report - part 1

Dr. D ride report - part 1

Well I got ride this morning... It rained all night but this morning was 60 deg. and sunny! If you've never ridden wet desert, it's magic! :usa: Headed out with my normal crew for a some trail riding and hill climbing!

To the pipe... It's definitely quieter than the stock unit. I was with a WR426 (WB E), CRF450F(Stock) and KTM 520SX(FMF) and it was the quietest of the bunch. Throttle response was improved....on the first section of trail we ride it's very fast- up and down -rocky. With the rains there were some fresh rocks on the trail. Someone commented that the low boy header looked vulnerable to damage...well I tested that right off! About 5 mins into the ride I was cresting a little hill and setting up for the left I know is at the top. All good, carrying the front wheel as I crested and leaned in....rock in the trail...big rock...took the front wheel out. Just like being tripped. I high sided left to right HARD. Right into a patch of softball size broken rocks. :usa: Had to lay there a bit - wasn't sure I hadn't broken my hip! :usa::D Vicodin is helping me write this so forgive me if I ramble! Back to the pipe, just a scratch on the header. No dents or dings - Stainless Steel is a bit tougher than Ti. :D

I continued on the ride, JUST FOR YOU GUYS! We climbed hills and blasted across open desert. On my CRF250F the Dr. D made a nice gain, not spectacular - just "good". I don't gush if it's not warranted...I'll gush about this pipe. It really helped the bottom, pulled hard in the middle and OH-MY-GOD top end rush! It was AMAZING. :) It HIT like the bike before I put the 5 oz. flywheel weight on it. It tractored around on some steep technical trails and just BLASTED in the open. I lugged it a few times just to see if the bottom really pulled better....it just kept chugging. I had a CR500 and that thing was a BRUTE, this bike with this pipe would have pulled it! I know why guys are winning desert races against KX500's on the 450F. I didn't get a chance to run the quiet insert, I'll do "part 2" when I get a chance to try it. I've thought about adding more flywheel but was afraid of making the bike sluggish...I'm not worried now. I need to tame this thing down a bit! :D On the top end - we where running down a section of flat dirt road and I held it wide open....THE FRONT END CAME UP AS THE BIKE REVED OUT! :D Just like a CR500 coming on the pipe! WOW. :lol:

Tough, cheap, QUIET and GREAT power. This pipe is a winner.

Cool! Thanks for the report Chris. :)

Like anyone cares, my new 450 is exactly 3.72 wks old and I still haven't gotten to ride her! Went to my favorite track/trails area for the break-in run yesterday (had to go to St. Louis Saturday to deliver the 01 to its new owner), and they were having a harescramble! :D That means they are using every bit of the land. Big track, trails, pit bike track, practice area, etc. Oh well. I get Good Friday off, and the forecast looks good, so...

I had a pm requesting my jetting so I figured I'd post it here as well. :D

2500 feet 60 degs. I'm running stock jets and needle. Fuel screw - I went quarter turn out after I ran it for a bit. 2.5 turns out total. It seemed a bit lean and was quiting if I ran hard and then chopped the throttle and came to a stop. The quarter turn was enough to stop the "flame outs". :D I may play with it a bit more when I've got my A Game. I was not real aggressive after my crash. :)

just curious if you were getting any popping/ backfire before you backed out the screw

No popping...just a "burble". Could just be the difference in sound from stock. :)

Burble is usually a sign of being a little on the rich side of good jetting.

There is another post asking for Dr. D info so I'm giving this a BUMP.


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