EO Outlaw Exhaust Mod Options?

I have this exhaust on my modded 230, and As discussed in numerous threads, this sucker is LOUD.  It is a quality piece for sure and Built out of quality components. I plan to run my 230 in an Enduro series and there is a sound level requirement, I am not even close. Additionally, my neighbors are hating on me during my numerous test and tune sessions.

I would like to keep the complete exhaust and remove the super trap discs and add another tip with a spark arrestor. I was thinking about something like Ramz did with the 250X insert or similar.  I do not want to lose power, but I need a quieter spark arrested system.  Is this possible, or is this muffler designed for a super trap only and will not tune with any other tip?

There are several of you guys on here that seem very knowledgeable regarding these exhaust systems and I would like your thoughts and maybe some options that don't involve spending more money on a new system or muffler.  Thanks

I wonder why mine is not that loud.  Perhaps Frank forgot to pack some of them...

Earplugs for you....

A bribe for the race tech inspector...

The more compression you have, the louder it will be. "Compression Pop"
If you have a stock compression engine and it's really loud then repack it with more conventional silencer packing. You will have to pack it much more often but it will help when the packing is fresh.

Sounds like I am stuck with this loud ass exhaust. I did find a recent thread where someone tested several options and ended up with the EO header and different muffler. This may be an option if I can find a good flowing muffler that fits and not too expensive. Or, I could remove several supercrap discs for the sound check and then put them back before racing. Nah, it needs to be quieter.

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