Should I buy a bike with a new top end/bottom end.

Hey TT, Iam looking for a 125 2 stroke on cl and most have rebuilt top and bottom end should I stay clear of those?

If they have receipts to prove the work was done, and you feel the seller is honest and has enough mechanical knowledge to properly care for a bike, it beats buying a bike with a blown top and bottom end.

Rebuilding top ends basically just a part of bike maintenance. And it seems that on Craigslist, everyone selling just so happens to have a " freshly rebuilt" top end. Like the guy before me said if they have receipts to prove it then a rebuilt top and is a good thing. That being said be mindful of how many hours are on the new top-end because there are break-in guidelines to follow, so make sure to ask the seller about the hours.

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A good way is to always check the air filter, many don't change or clean it. 

If the filter is bad, u can be sure it's a scam 

Everybody has good points, if they did do it themselves and have the receipts to prove that they did it you still want to be somewhat careful because they could be done a poor job, there's so many things an experienced engine builder looks for and someone that just throws it together won't look for them 

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