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found better timing and crank bolt plugs

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I found better timing and crank bolt plugs for a crf250l, not those stupid plugs with flat head groove in it.  The one plug that is perfect has the part number 90084-mn8-010, that is the timing plug cover, its the same as the crf250l, but has a 6mm allen key head on it.  The crank bolt plug is different story, 90087-hb5-000 fits perfectly, but the threads are too short, it only threads in by 2-3 threads(not enough in my book).  Its still the 30mm plug and has 10mm allen key head on it.  My 03 and 05 crf450r use a very similar plug, but has a different part number.  I'm gonna try them another day and see if it long enough.

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