01 YZ125 Crank Bearing Seal

Crank bearing seal, clutch side keeper plate - does any one happen to know the part number?

I bought an 01 yz125 in pretty rough shape, cheap knowing that it would need a bit of work, and also thinking that I could get it fixed enough for my step son to ride this summer, then turn it into a winter restoration project.  Long story short, I couldn't get it to run properly, so did a compression test and found it could use a top end. Also took the carb apart and found the jetting was way off of what the manual calls out.  I tore down the top end, cleaned everything, bought OEM gaskets, cleaned everything, carb rebuild kit and JD jetting kit, changed the oil and started it up. It smoked excessively, I thought it was all the oil that I used for assembly.  I spend a few more weeks off and on trying to jet it and couldn't get rid of the bog no matter what. On my last jetting attempt I checked the trans oil prior to starting and found it was low, added 400 ml (wtf - I didn't drive it really).  Anyway started it up and smoked like crazy - shut it down because I knew the crank seal was the issue.

Tore it down and found the seal completely blown out of place. Also found that the holder shown as item 1 in picture 2 is missing, I can't find the part number to order this part, is it item 13 on the third picture?  From what I gather, the holder is held into place with a bolt threaded into the hole on the left side of picture 1

Thanks, sorry for another crank bearing seal thread.





IMG_4352 copy.jpg

IMG_4353 copy.jpg


This part.

2 hours ago, P84ONE said:


This part.

Thanks P840NE

By the way, I really enjoy your restoration posts.

2 hours ago, fire22 said:

Thanks P840NE

By the way, I really enjoy your restoration posts.

You are so welcom and thank you. I enjoy making two strokes great again.

Two Strokes matter here in USA

Would you believe that keeper plate is back ordered until August 29 - crazy.  I decided to make one out of 1/8 thick aluminum plate.  I pick up the seals tomorrow (two weeks to get those in)

Last picture is the newly painted frame.






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