Crankcase damage around kickstarter

I have a Honda XL185S, and during a recent oil change, this piece of crankcase dropped out of the case with the oil.  (see pictures)

I split the cases, and found that it is a little piece that comes from here.  Who knows how long it was like this.  I think that the purpose of the piece is to stop the kickstarter from over rotating.  That really shouldn't be a big problem considering the spring that returns the kickstarter.  

Does anyone see any problem with buttoning the case back up the way it is?




I'm not familiar with that, doesn't look vital, but I can't say one way or another whether I'd worry about it. For all that it is, if you're concerned, I'm sure your local machine shop or fab shop could TIG weld it back into place good as new for probably like $20. Most places charge a minimum 1/2 hour labor, so half of their hourly cost, unless it's a nice person you're dealing with and they hook you up

We would drill a SMALL hole and use a SMALL screw to re-attach it.
You can re-assemble the engine as is, without the tab but your kickstarter won't work.
Or buy and enjoy a newer bike.

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I'm 99.9% sure that the kickstarter still works ok.  Who knows how long the piece was broken off inside and I never had an issue kickstarting.  I even kickstarted it after the piece dropped out and I put new oil in before I decided it would be worth tearing it down.

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