Bike keeps dying

Hey all,  I have an 03 Klx 400. My problem is it is hard to start and keeps dying. This just started a few weeks ago. The only thing I can think of I did different was to turn the petcock to the off position one day after riding(I. Or ally don't do this). The next time I went to ride it wouldn't hardly start and if it did wouldn't idle. Any thoughts?  Thanks!!

Vacuum petcock?  Petcock vacuum line may need replacing.  If not pull the fuel line from carb and check fuel flow from petcock ON  or RES.  No smoking

The PO installed an aftermarket tank so I'm not sure if the petcock is the original or not. I have pulled the gas line and flow is correct with the dial(on=gas, off=no gas). There is no smoke. thanks!

if you never move the petcock it may have flushed some trash into the carb when you did, i'd try simply draining the floatbowl first ..

Ok I will try that when I get a chance. 

You might need to clean the carb to fully cure the issue 

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