Would you but a dirt cheap, siezed two smoker?

Just looking for simple opinions. Just browsing for cheap 125's on Craigslist (a common occurrence when I'm bored) and stumbled upon an 03 kx for $600, ad says it has a siezed top end. Haven't contacted the seller, and obviously it could be a whole can of worms beyond a top end rebuild. Could just be as simple as a new piston/rings and for safety a new cylinder (or at least sleeved?). For the price and how cheap it could potentially be to fix, sort of seeks like a no brainer. Worth it? Or pass? Have the skills/abilities to do the work myself  obviously. 


If our know what you're doing and have the tools it would be worth it for sure.  Of course you do run the risk of extra expenses besides just a top end; such as a scored jug, bottom end etc. so you'd have to make sure you leave some room for that kind of thing when you purchase the bike.  Around here, there are wanted adds all over kijiji for blown 2t's!  $600 sounds decent but if it's seized the piston might be smashed causing scoring on the cylinder and/or pieces in the bottom end.

Good luck!   

Try talking him down to $500. There is a lot mystery in that bike. It could have a blown top end because the crank went bad. Regardless if your handy and have tools then go for it. If not you will be spending money on tools and parts to where you can buy a running bike.
For sure the cylinder needs to be fixed with piston your looking around $300
If the piston shattered then it could have damaged the crank and bearings which your looking at another $300 not to mention you will come across other parts that need replacement as well such as tires brake pads may be new grips.
I'd say roll the dice and go for it.
Good luck!

Unless the engine has been disassembled, there is no what to know what is seized.  Years ago I seized a 2-stroke street bike.  Believing I had done in the top end, I had all that work done and it wasn't till we went to reassemble the thing, my buddy noticed it was a crank bearing that was the source of the seizure and not the top end.

Just cause the guy says the top end is seized, doesn't mean it is.

Those are my favorite kinds of bikes to buy ... Get it!! At least you know what it is when it's done . If you can do the work yourself the most it can cost is 7-8 (motor) tops.many times cheaper than that .

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I buy blown up bikes and fix them to sell and make money. I'm only 18 and I make a decent amount fixing and selling bikes.

These are just some of the bikes I fixed. If you can do all the work yourself id defenitly buy this bike.


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Yeah that's what I worry is that there's could be a whole mess of problems that caused the top end failure or that it could have brought on. Without seeing it torn down obviously there's no way to really know. Figure if it was just a top end I could do that all day. I have a friend who could help me split the cases and do the bottom end. Sent him an email asking for more info, and figured I'd offer 4-500 since he said OBO. 

I'd buy it at $500 in a heart beat. First go see the bike and see what it needs externally and estimate how much you think you will spend.

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Go look at it. Beat him down if it's not junk. Beware though, he might know the case is junk, the crank is bad, the jug is bad. It could cost 1500 to fix a 1600 dollar bike!

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15 minutes ago, pomoco said:

Go look at it. Beat him down if it's not junk. Beware though, he might know the case is junk, the crank is bad, the jug is bad. It could cost 1500 to fix a 1600 dollar bike!

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That's what worries me. Could end up being just what you said, $1500 into a bike worth $1600. 

There's an 08 yz that is super cheap on Craigslist, I actually race one of the same classes as the guy right now. 


This is what I do when I'm bored, look for bikes 😂  been wanting another 2 smoker for a back up/play bike for a while though 

This will give you an idea..

in 2015, I bought a 06 KX250 for $750, it was "seized" but in good condition cosmetically. Got it home, sure enough just needed a top end, had steel sleeved cylinder. Did a top end and added some bling, chain sprockets, etc.. was into it under around $1,200 and it was trick. Made it look appealing to a large crowd, sold it for 3,500 to some guy from California, met him in Redding. 

Here it is all done.. wish I had more pics of it, got lots of compliments whenever I took it anywhere. 


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Pass.  Siezed bikes of that vintage would top out at 300 bucks for me.  By the time you do a full engine rebuild (700 ish), which you will, then chain and sprockets, then brakes, then tires, you've exceeded the sale value by a bit.  

Abused or neglected bikes never run out of parts they need, occasionally you get lucky, usually you won't.

If you love the bike, and have the money to burn, then go for it.   03 KX was a one year and done design, not a very sought after model FWIW.

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