I was stoked with the lock-on grip design and picked up a pair of the emig v2's for my bike. Now however, of course after I bought them, I'm reading that ProTaper bars knurling need to be filed down for them to fit. Is this true in all cases? Any people fit them on fine with their ProTaper bars? and what were the specs on your bar? Still haven't taken them out of the packaging so now I'm debating whether to just send them back, or give it a shot and see. Thanks 

I've heard people say they needed to and others say they didn't need to. Personally I wouldn't want to have to modify the bar just for the grips to work.

The grips will only go on half way without filing the bars. Doesn't need much off.

Yah damn that's what I was expecting, I guess its not the worst thing but I personally don't plan on taking a file to an $80 dollar bar over $20 dollar grips, I think I'll just return the grips then. Thanks guys 

It doesnt need  much off to fit . Not a big deal .

Trust me. These grips are worth it. Grip glue and tie wire is a joke and doesn't work



I second this, once I bought my first pair of ODI grips I quickly realized I could not go back to old school grips with glue and tie wire. Just bolt on and go, no glue mess or tie wire poking me in the hands. ODI really is the way to go.

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Yah I actually found a tutorial online where some guy slides them on without filing the bar so I'm gonna try that out. 

Oh, you can get them on...but not back off when it's time from new grips.

Just take a flap wheel to the bars and you'll be done in 10 sec. Its not like you're ruining the bars either

A flap wheel works great. 


 If the grip is hard to remove use a cresent wrench on the bar and tap off. 

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