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Fork / Axle Lug Removal

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Took the plunge removing the Lugs from my project, KX250 2 stroke 2005, KYB 48mm AOS forks tonight. Legs are pitted to hell, I rescued the bike from a not so caring owner and need to get them re chromed. 

Not as hard as I had expected, heard so many horror stories so thought I'd let you guys know what worked for me....

1st Problem, Lug grub screw removal. These are purposely butchered when assembled to stop the removal of the lug, I've read plenty of crazy ways of removal like drilling the material around the screw etc. I found it came out easily with an EZ out (funnily enough) broken stud remover. At first the EZ out thread wouldn't quite catch because the grub screw hole wasn't deep enough, took a small drill and removed a bit of material, probably less than another 2mm, and the EZ out thread caught nicely and removed the screw easily.

2nd problem, removal of the leg/stanchion. There's a 6mm hole in the top of the leg, trying to find something strong enough and less than 6mm in diameter to turn the leg was near impossible. I made a crude tool to remove the leg with the use of a large socket and a screwdriver. First find a large socket that is close to the internal diameter of the fork leg, drill a 6mm hole through it (to make sure it was center I drilled a pilot hole from inside of socket to out in opposing recesses of the socket, then from outside in with the 6mm bit). Place the socket into fork leg and slide the screwdriver through the aligned holes (tip, attach extension to socket first so you have something to hold and align with). Place the lug in a vice, attach socket driver or bar, and after a little heat on the fork lug it turned off with out having to apply a crazy amount of force (I managed to get plenty of heat with a heat gun, no need for a torch).

Hope this is of use to anyone needs to do a repair requiring the removal of fork lugs, or removal of legs for DLC coating etc. 





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Who makes replacement fork "Lugs" ?  What else are these called?  They always come as part of the "Inner Tube" which Honda calls it.

I've seen a couple of threads where an aftermarket lug was used to lower the axle location and raise the front of the bike but didn't figure out who made the nice billet parts.

I have a damaged "Lug" on some CRF150R forks and I am looking at all of my options to repair or replace it.

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eBay for a used complete lower leg ,almost no one makes it sells lugs on there own

winning by 4:1 lol

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