Rear Rim identification help


I picked up a 2003 Kx250 parts bike a while back, I want to sell the rear rim/wheel from this bike but it does not look like any other rear rim I have ever seen and when I when looking around at other 03 Kx250 rear rims this one is does not look the same. Can anybody help me identify just exactly what rim I have here?

Notice how the rim is a round shape, not stepped like most rims? it is a 19x2.15 size rim








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Looks like a rim off a 1999 model. Look around for an image of that. Also, post some more rim code photos. Thanks.

D.I.D shoulderless rim.  


I think he is right. 1999 - 2002 are the same. Look on eBay and search for 2003 rims / wheel.

Thank you all for helping me to understand what kind of rim/wheel this is, I thought it would of been odd that the rear rim was off of something else considering how the  rest of the bike was stock. Espically want to thank Quailchaser, I have never seen this "shoulderless" rim before and thought it came off of something else, but it looks like its OEM. I did find in the parts diagram the drawing looks like a "shoulderless" rim but the part number is superceeded, so I'm guessing if you ordered one you would get a shoulder type rim


Were you really looking to pay $360 for just a rim??

ok, now I am seeing 1999 had that, too. I was not totally wrong.

They are 03 wheels but I have a set that at times may have been on my 99.



8 hours ago, no1clyde said:

They are 03 wheels but I have a set that at times may have been on my 99.



Welcome back, stranger!

7 hours ago, KDXGarage said:

Welcome back, stranger!

Thanks KDX but I haven't left, just not here as much and lurk more than reply. 




I TOTALLY understand!!

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