Whirring noise!? Cr 125 06

So just had my top ed rebuilt with new prox top end after having several races out of it piston was still in fairly good condition some slight vertical scores down the sides but only very light. Took it back out today for a practice session but noticed its making an unpleasant whirring noise when the bike is revved. Runs spot on feels fine just makes a bad noise so stopped riding. Noticed there is slight play in the main bearings, do you think this is likely to be the noise and its time for a new bottom end? Advice much appreciated people

any vertical play in the bottom end is serious IMO, tear it down, replace main bearings, check crank, etc.

I had a cr125 that made a whirring noise.. ...

Turned out it was one of the main bearings. You're hunch is probably right. 

Dug up the ole vid of my bike running with the bad bearing. If that's what it sounds like... that's what its gonna be. 



Cheersi screwMX and mr muffins i dropped engine into shop today to do the bottom end £380 parts and labour hopefully the piston and barrel is still okay as i carried on running it for a little while as was riding perfect apart from that. Fingers crossed i dont need to replace that again too as it had only just gone in

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