13 rmz 250 efi coupler location

So I just got a used 13 and a 14 rmz 250 I was wondering where the extra couplers are located. Are the on the bike or do they come separate? 

Most likely you will need to buy extra ones if you need them.


Going off memory from my sons bike, but it is located on the left side, upper frame towards the front fork/triple clamps area. Most likely you will have a green coupler installed.


Got ya! Thanks bud


The coupler location is on the left side of the bike, just inside of the radiator shroud stuck in a rubber boot that slips over a metal tang mounted to the frame. (pic below) There are 3 couplers that these bikes use: a regular map that is an off white and has no wires hanging out of it; a rich map that is gray with a wire looping out of the back; and a lean map that is white with a wire looping out of the back. 

Below is a link to the Rocky Mountain OEM parts fiche, electrical diagram, that will give you the part numbers for these if you want to order them. The rich and lean couplers are numbers 18 and 19 on the parts list. Check and see what your bike has in it now and let us know!





I know that one is there. Where are the lean and rich couplers located?


Ahh, my bad, I misunderstood. They come separate and plug into that same location. If you weren't given them when you bought the bike you'll have to order them from somewhere. You can get them from the link in my previous post or find them on ebay probably. 


Ah I see. I can order them all I can fond is the stock one on ebay

For some reason the link I posted won't take you directly to the electrical schematic. You'll still have to select Suzuki>Motorcycle>Year>RMZ250L2> then choose the electrical schematic. Parts 18 and 19 are what you want. 


Do you know which one is the stock coupler on the diagram? 

I don't think the stock one is shown on the diagram, only the lean and rich since they are the only shorts. The stock coupler doesn't affect the mapping, it is basically just a cap to seal up that connection to keep dirt from getting in the contacts. 

What color coupler is on the bike now and is there a wire coming out of the back of it?

My bike is in the shop at the moment. But my brother in laws 14 has the grey coupler on it. We got them used and his has a full fmf and air force air box

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