What's bent? Front tire


So, I took a spill turning around at the end of somebody's drive way in 6" of stone gravel. After I got back up and inspected the bike, I noticed that my steering was out of line. I thought that I just bent the handle bars. So, I got the bike back home and noticed that the handle bars were straight and lined up correctly with the triple clamp and fender, but the wheel was bent to the right (rider). I then inspected the wheel, axle, and forks by disassembly and I can not figure it out. See picture. If you pull the axle out of the saddle about 3/8", the tire is straight, which lent me to believe that the fork was bent. Well, I loosened the fork from the clamps and rotated it and it seemed fine. 

Worse thing about about all of this, besides not figuring out what's wrong, is that I didn't even take that hard of a fall. I've ditched my XRs a lot harder and kept straight wheels. 

Any suggestions? 


So I just read on DR Riders.com that all I had to do was loosen the triple clamps and push the wheel back in place. Worked. 

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