Throttle Cable into Carb

Can't I reuse this with the replacement throttle cable that came with my new twist throttle??

Yes, I cut the old cable 

Yes, I put some heat on it to separate the old cable end


What is it?

2 hours ago, dirtbkr188 said:

What is it?

Goes into the top of the carb, should have the throttle cable going in...

Okay, I can see the complete picture now.

You may not be able to reuse it with the new cable because that cable end will not fit into the carb cap end, the ID is too small. BBR makes a carb cap that fits on the stock carb, but you have to use their throttle cable for it to work properly.

BBR carb cap and throttle cable

After you click on the link above, scroll down and click on Replacement Parts


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Thanks for this, 

i was discovering that the I.D. of the tube was too small and thinking there was a fix

$18 part, oh well

So what I got was an All-Balls throttle cable

#45-1135, which is supposed to be for 50/70cc Honda, I have used their stuff on other machines with no issues

Installed it on the twist and here's what I am left with...that's not going into the slide throttle in the carb!



Are you using the stock Honda throttle/kill switch/brake, or an aftermarket throttle assembly?

24 minutes ago, dirtbkr188 said:

Are you using the stock Honda throttle/kill switch/brake, or an aftermarket throttle assembly?

No idea, this thing was in boxes when I picked it

There was a 2nd twist in the boxes, broken internal plastic, didn't work on that one either

You could modify the throttle tube by removing some of the plastic away from the cable end hole inside the throttle assembly, as shown below. You might want to hook up the slide and spring to that end of the cable first, and then hook it up to the throttle tube.


Throttle tube mod.gif

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