Upper shock bearing question

Just got a rebuilt shock for my '99 cr125 but not sure it came with a refurbished upper shock bearing or not. This bearing is supposed to pivot which mine does but it does not rotate. Is it supposed to rotate as well as pivot? My old bearing rotates but it's pretty worn out and I think the whole thing rotates including the race......basically is the upper shock bearing supposed to rotate like the suspension linkage bearings or just pivot?

if there is any play up and down then it's ready to change

I think it would be hard to test the bearing without the shock being installed. With the shock on the bike it's pretty easy to check it to see if it is bad or not. The housing, the outter part of the bearing that actually touches the shock, should NOT spin in the aluminum shock housing. Only the center piece should "move". If the outter part of the bearing moves around inside the shock I would be nervous that the ID of the shock has been damaged at some point. Remember the bearing is a PRESS-FIT into the shock meaning that it should have NO PLAY at all. Put it on the bike, and then rapidly lift up on the rear subframe, and drop it repeatedly. If you hear a little clicking, either the bearing is bad, or the shock housing ID is worn.. Bearing replacement is easy. Shock housing wear.. Not so easy. But also not very likely as usually it's just the bearing.

The outer race of the bearing on my refurbished shock does not spin inside the housing like my old one does. However the the inner part that the mounting bolt goes through does not spin either, it just "pivots." I'm hoping that's the way it's supposed to be...

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