WR450 AWD in super-moto form, electrical help?

Hello Gentleman.. I recently acquired an odd bike that appears to have been an abandoned project. The bike is essentially a 2003 Yamaha WR450, but it's a bit rare as it was one of a few shipped from Yamaha equipped with a hydraulic AWD system. Limited research shows they tried this for a few years, too expensive and not enough demand. Anyway, when I bought the bike it had apparently been in the middle of a supermoto transformation, 17" front and rear, Baja Designs parts etc. The bike had a busted outer cover on the stator side but was extremely clean. I learned this broken cover was due to a defect in the starter gear system common to only the 2003, bike has now been converted to the 2004 style. Here is the problem, the bike has what appears to be an aftermarket stator, CDI etc, and also BAJA Designs LED stuff. Wiring is not complete and I have no spark. This is a 4 wire stator, 2 yellow (I assume the charging system) and a 2 wire red/white plug fed by the trigger coil. Though I see similar colors left unused from the CDI I am hesitant to cut the harness as the plugs do not match. Any ideas on who might be the best to contact to get some help in obtaining a wiring diagram that will work? Thank you in advance!





Mis-spoke in the initial post, the CDI appears factory, it's the rectifier that looks aftermarket but there is no name on it that I can see.

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