My chain adjustment screws are different lengths

Okay so I bought a 1994 KTM 250 EXC and a 01 Rm125 the ktm chains djustment screws are not the same length and it does not coast well or when on a stand the wheel dosent spin nicely it seems to be sticking some where is it possible that the wheel is crooked and the caliper is rubbing on the brake pads if also has a weird wear pattern on the caliper too any suggestions? Is it ever Normal to have one screw out more than the other and how can I fix this he screws don't really move easily. 

They should be equal so the rear tire is tracking in line with the bike.  You have an age-old problem of stuck adjuster bolts.

Those things are long and go thru a ton of aluminum threads. If you don't pull them out and put anti-sieze on them once a year, they can corrode up inside the swingarm and then sieze up when you are adjusting them. You may be able to soak them in pb blaster or diesel, but this can sometimes end up being a huge fight. Good luck.

Adjust them while looking down the chain, the goal is to get the front and rear sprockets lined up so the chain is strait.  If the adjuster bolts are stuck then warm them slightly and put some penetrating oil on them, leave them for a day or two if you can then try again.  If they do come loose, back them out and coat them with grease or anti-seize compound before putting them back in.  When you're done, make sure your chain isn't too tight.  The manual will tell you how to check for your bike, but in general the chain gets tighter as the rear wheel goes higher, so you have to be sure there is enough slack that the chain never actually gets tight as the rear suspension moves.   

Sometimes I use some heat along with PB blaster to try to remove stuck swing arm bolts. 

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