My 01 rm 125 spits oil all over

Okay I have a 01 rm 125 and after riding there is oil all over the exhaust and on the swing arm it looks like there isn't a good seal where the exhaust meets the pipe will putting high temperature silicone in it help? Any other suggestions? 

Well I have a 1994 KTM 250 EXC and it dosent drip oil all over at all so I just didn't know. 

Sounds like jetting is too rich.  Too rich could be pilot jet, metering rod, or main jet; or any combination of the 3.  Too rich/fat (too a point) is ok if you're always hard on the throttle.  To get the pilot, rod, and main to work in a smooth transition throughout the rpm range, and to burn the hydrocarbons efficiently, is art; and even then a cloud passes overhead, or the baro changes, and it all goes out the window.  For me, my 2-strokes are on the fat/rich side, because I only race.  The only time they will idle, or are run in the lower rpm range, is right before the gate drops.  Maybe start with moving the c-clip on the metering rod up one groove and see if that cleans things up a bit.  If you're going to make any jetting changes, make them small and incrementally, and record what you did.  If you want to get picky, you can even record the weather conditions that day. 

What type of riding do you do?



added info

Thanks I'll look into that I usually just do trail riding or back roads. 

Someone in the Zuk forum can probably give you your basic jetting numbers for the type of riding you do, to get you close, and a starting point.

Thanks a lot I appreciate it also side question I also have a KTM 250 EXC and my chain adjustment screws are different lengths is this okay or does this mean the wheel is crooked it dosent really coast well and seems to catch on something but I wanted to be sure before I changed it. Is this okay or should I make them even? 

I don't know that I would rely on the amount of threads sticking out necessarily, as the may not be the same length bolts.  If you know for sure they are the same length, you can use that as a general reference, but ultimately, use the axle block and swing arm notches.  Not sure what your axle blocks and swing arm look like, but you get the idea.





What oil and ratio do you run? You could always drop the ratio a little bit if your not riding hard, don't go too much or you might sieze it 😮

I use 32:1 maybe I'll up it to 40:1 and try that thanks 

Just jet the bike appropriately. You owe it to the motor in my opinion. Plus with a 125 you want all the power you can get out of it. A properly jetted bike will perform so much better. Look up spankys jetting guide. I think that's its. Breaks down the whole process well for someone who doesnt kniw how to jet. Buy spark plugs and enjoy, you will learn a lot.

Juergen - I think the problem with your chain adjuster is that the block on the side with the nut is short, the other side is long.  I think you could flip the other side so the bolt is pushing on the shorter side then the adjusters will be about the same length.

Thanks I'll look into that 

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