YZ250x parts

I'm picking up my 2018 YZ 250x Friday 

can I assume that parts for the 2017 will fit since they didn't change much. I can get a skid plate for cheap for the 2016-17 just checking to see before I drop coin. 

And what about sprockets from the 2006-2010yz?


You are correct

Order away. They didn't change a good thing again, but they could make it better next year. Here is hopping.


I placed my order. I wanted to get the parts shipped before  I got the bike so I didn't have to go break leavers and I need a skid plate where we ride. 

I have a box full of sprockets off my 06 I hope they fit. Yamaha has made some good bikes my 06 still runs good I love it. Just ready to get a new toy. Lol

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