Needs Help with aftermarket part !!

hey there, 


i am looking for a suspension Guru who could help me identify what are the reservoir on my Showa's Suspension.... please refer at the pics...

i just bought this bike, and it's the first time i see those things on...


-what are they

-what are their purpose

- anything special i should know ( general and maintenance wise )

- can this be deleted from suspensions


really need help on this one , 



thanks Guys....


Think they are some old school nitrogen container "works" 

Think I saw this in MXA or TransworldMX "old ideas" section, or whatever they called it

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I think the called it - forgotten tech"

Do a search for fork subtanks

winning by 4:1 lol

They add a little volume to the amount of air a fork has inside it, softening the 'progressive air spring effect'.

Most riders would never notice if there were on the bike or off and what the air pressure was. Other any running atmospheric pressure, most people do not have the proper type of Schrader no loss connector or small volume pump with a accurate gauge to adjust.

But they look 'race' and add weight right where you never want it, up high on the forks. Absolutely no reason for braided air lines other than looks. All that alloy and excessive clamps. Bling.

so can i just remove them and put regular air screw back ??

You need to adjust the oil level back to STD

winning by 4:1 lol


can i just remove them to service forks and reinstall them,, its not pressurize right ?

must have  80cc more oil in each from what i read on google...

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Yes but again you need to get the oil level correct if you keep them,you can measure what comes out but it takes hours to fully drain a fork ( 95% comes out within 30 minutes ) they have no pressure on them

winning by 4:1 lol

thanks mog !


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