KTM300EXC - RAW (would love feedback)

Hey all,

I hope you enjoy our latest production. We hope to do more of these raw edits but want to make sure people are interested in seeing them. 

We'd love to hear your feedback and if you enjoy what you see, subscribe for more!


Love it subscribed

No rap or hip hop ?

wonderful cinematography. plot and character development are a bit weak.

My bike would go into shock with that much dirt. We have rocks piled on top of ledge rock here:-)

Did I mention we have rocks...

Didn't expect to enjoy it but did quite a bit. Was glad there was no rap music...

NICE.......2thumbs up.



Impressive skills at work and high production value. Keep it up.

Excellent video. Do you have a camera man or do you set up all by yourself?

I dig it.

Really good video.Enjoyed not having music, but a musical note :-) nothing compares to the raw sound of the pipe!


Keep up the great work.

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