Is it a pup before I pick it up

Hi all I'll be picking up my new 250l on Friday hurrah.

BUT when looking around at it in the showroom i noticed blue coolant with a greasy feel to it all on the belly pan.

Tracked it back and it was coming out of a nipple below the water pump,I was told they all do that from new it sorts it self out and they load the pump with an oil coolant mix ,as its new would honda have quality passed it?

Aparantlly it's to stop seals drying out just not convinced. 

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Yeah that is true to an extent. There is a whole thread on it somewhere in here. The short version is: most of them weep a bit to begin with, the the seals wear in and it stops.

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My bike has less than 400 miles on it and does the same.

I am topping off my coolant reservoir every few rides as it boils over from time to time and assuming it weeps from there also

Coolant?   :)

I had just a little bit of residue when my bike was new, cleaned it and replaced the coolant with Engine Ice when I did the clutch upgrade at 500 miles, not a drop has leaked since.  Not uncommon for water pump seals to seep a tiny bit on a new pump, but shouldn't be much, and shouldn't continue to leak noticeably.  I always do a quick check of oil/coolant/tires/lights etc every time I take the bike out.

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