TTR225 1/4 turn throttle?

I'm helping out a riding buddy here... He has a TTR225 that he's opened up and rejetted and likes the way it rides, but that long pull on the throttle is giving him trouble. I thought it would be easy to find a 1/4 turn throttle, but with the throttle cable adjustment on the carb and the unique throttle housing I'm having a hard time finding a replacement throttle that will work on his bike.


Anyone know of a throttle and cable that will work with the TTR225?


The throttle on my TTR250 is a 1/4 turn, but uses the two cable setup.

CR85 is a 1/4 turn.  

The TTR throttle cable will not work with a CR85 throttle, as the TTR adjusters are on the carb end as opposed to the throttle end and that curved guide tube that goes inside the throttle housing. Maybe if you carefully grind the curved tube off the TTR cable and fitted it with a Honda style adjuster? 

After looking around again yesterday, I think the only option is a TTR250 throttle and just use the pull cable that ahs the same threaded shaft with double nut adjustment. Almost all other single cable throttles use a cable that goes through the top of the carb, so it won't work with the TTR cable. I'm going to steal his bike for a couple hours and see if I can swap my 250 throttle and pull cable over to his and try it out.

Unless anyone knows of another throttle that works off the shelf?? Seems strange that you don't see more people addressing this issue with the 225's.

Good to know thanks.  I run a CR85 throttle on my TTR125, that's why I mentioned it. Now that I think about it, I run a CR85 cable too.  Sorry at 54, one tends to forget the particulars. :ride:

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Interesting... Does the CR85 cable mount on the side of the carb or go in through the top? I'll try to look one up...

What I'm finding out is that most single cable throttles go in to the top of the carb, where the dual cable throttles use the pulley on the side of the carb. The ttr225 uses the single cable and has the pulley on the side, so finding a throttle and cable that mounts to the side of the carb with a double-nut threaded shaft adjuster has proven to be difficult! 

I rode his bike over to my house and tried swapping my throttle onto his bike and it almost works, but there is too much free length and the little steel tube on the throttle end of the cable does not fit well into the dual-cable mount on my throttle housing. My pull 250's pull cable has even more free length and the threaded shaft on the carb end is larger than the one on the 225 cable and does not fit in the mount.

I'm starting to think we'll have to buy a general replacement type 1/4 turn throttle and make our own cable with one of those universal kits... I just worry about it coming apart when were miles from the truck... I'm 48 and he's got me beat by a few years, so we don't want to push a bike any further than we have to!   

From what I remember It went through the top.  But I did it at least 15 years ago, so there's a good chance I might have been running a Keihin at the time.  Things tend to blur.  I usually type things up when I do them and post it on my site, but I didn't post much for my TTR's.

I looked up cr85 cables and it does look like a carb top mount. I did some more research myself and it LOOKS like the ttr125 throttle will work with the ttr225 cable. I just need to find out if the '02 - '07 ttr125 stock throttle is a 1/4 turn throttle... can't seem to find the info on-line, but I found a coworker that has one. His boy races mx and uses one for a pit bike. I'll stop by his house this afternoon and steal the throttle to try on my buddy's 225.

Problem solved!! The stock throttle on an '05 TTR125 is a 1/4 turn throttle and fits the same cable as the TTR225!! My friend's kid's pit bike throttle fit on perfectly and made the ttr225 much easier to ride.

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