2016 oil leak

I have an oil leak coming from the gasket on the right side of the motorcycle under the check oil screw. Is this common? Wondering if there is a way to fix it without buying a new gasket? Tighten case bolts near it? Gaskets aren't supposed to be super tight so they actually seal, and mine looks like it may have been over tightened and bulging out the side more than any other place.


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buy a new gasket. They are not expensive compared to the value of the bike. And installation is pretty trivial.

Seemed to be a minor issue from 2013 on, Cometic was the go-to gasket in the '13 anyway.

If the inner clutch cover. I would go ahead and get a new water pump impeller seal and cover seals as well. Kicker start shaft seal is easy to replace once the inner cover is off too.

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