Voltage drop from idle to 3000 RPM OK?

I replaced stator (after much effort) because battery was dying during rides. Also replaced battery.

I have tested new stator:

motor off - 13v

at idle- 14v (was 12.6v with old stator)

at 3000 rpm -  13.5v (was 12.8v with old stator)

Have read that at 3000 RPM that it needs to be above 14 volts.  The AC voltage output test on stator is good so I think new stator is OK. I assume I still have a problem that the battery could die on ride? Thinking about ordering a rectifier.

Any help much appreciated.



The voltage drop you see is due to your meter not being able to keep up with rapid changes of the regulator doing it s job.  This phenomena is quite common and normal.  You are fine. 

The old stator did not put out enough power to activate the RR so you did not see a drop in voltage.  Now that the stator is up to par and the battery is full and the regulator is regulating, you see the drop on you meter but it is not really there.

Just wondering... did you do the 'free power mod' at the same time and run a new heavier guage wire from the RR to the battery?

I was having intermittent charging issues, inconsistent voltages, etc that all went away after the FPM was done. By no means am I saying that's your issues here - think Noble nailed it on the head  (just like he always does) - but just wanted to add that 2 cents to your post 👍👍

No I didn't do the free power mod. Spend too much time on the stator (replaced it twice) so I now just want to ride. Thanks to Noble for confirming all is good.

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