kx 100 I D

Bought a kx 100 very clean owned by the same guy for many years ..Anyhow want to spend on new parts piston etc ,so i checked the vin and engine number ..The frame has a CC for its 9th and 10th digits which i think is an 82? the engine has a kx100 ce 002751 which the way i am understanding this is a 98/2000 .Other than someone swapping engines and frames have i got this right ? many thanks in advance any light would help 

Whats the frame number ?

CE would make it a 2000 engine going by a google search

any pics ?

the frame says C.C for it 9th and 10th digit complete index is JKAKX 100 CC A005379.... i spose it possible the engine could have been swapped

the number from the head stock is as previously stated JKAKX100CCA005379 , engine number is kx100CE002751 are there any other numbers i should be aware of ? The bike has usd forks disc' front and rear ,power valve ..The tarting ha become a little difficult o i would like to change the top end take look etc ,the air filter was bad when i bought it so some signs of neglect were apparrant ,till run ok when started but its the wifes bike so it has to be right .. 


any one any idea's any other things i can check ?


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