kx 100 I D

DSC02006.JPG.b04680f48ee1c6cf8711e01fd65f0cb6.JPGBought a kx 100 very clean owned by the same guy for many years ..Anyhow want to spend on new parts piston etc ,so i checked the vin and engine number ..The frame has a CC for its 9th and 10th digits which i think is an 82? the engine has a kx100 ce 002751 which the way i am understanding this is a 98/2000 .Other than someone swapping engines and frames have i got this right ? many thanks in advance any light would help 

Are you in the U.S ? Can you get a pic of the frame vin ? I don't believe there was a 82 kx100 that looks more like a 98 or so but give us the vin we can help

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Engine swaps are common with the kx 85/100. Both motors fit in the same frame. I have a 05 kx100 with a 02 motor ( found out the hard way) your cylinder jug should be stamped on the back tab with the piston size you need. Unless it's been sleeved. Wiseco makes 52.5 piston that fits A,B,C,D. The kx100 was introduced in 1994.

Hello to Poland.


Please post the entire FRAME NUMBER. You have a frame number instead of a VIN.

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