08 CRF450R is running GREAT!!!

With so many threads starting with some sort of problem or mechanical failure,..I thought I'd start one with a positive note :)

Got my 08 fired up this weekend finally after a Carb rebuild, valve adjust, new plug and air filter,... man the thing fired up first kick no matter what I did!

When it was cold, I just twisted the throttle a couple of times and she popped right off first kick,.. once it was warmed up and I rode it around a while and shut it off, fired right back up first kick,.. I even stalled it on purpose a few times to see if the hot start would be needed,.. nope, first kick still :D  ... man I'm soooooo happy! (I had been having some troubles with it firing back up after it was warmed up and/or stalled ) Now it still remains to be seen it she'll fire up that easily once she goes tumbling end over end down a hill side... but hopefully it'll be a long time before I have to test that one out ;)

Thanks guys!

Next up is the front suspension and maybe some new Radiators and a fan set up...

Nice!! Good job. :thumbsup:

Glad to hear it. Congrats! :thumbsup:

Thanks guys! Just nice to know that theoretically it's going to perform this way in the "Real World" when I'm out on the trails, woods, and track ....  I keep having flashbacks to my old XR500/XR600 days when I'd go tumbling down in to a ravine on a 100 deg day and I'd be kicking those bike over for what seemed an eternity thinking I could easily pass out at any second :D 



Thanks for sharing a positive story.  I am researching almost every bike made to try and make the right choice for my next bike and it seems like every bike has more than enough scare stories to make a guy think they are all problems.  Most bikes are trouble free if you take care of them, I know that.  Glad to hear you have a good story to share.

Yeah,.. that's sort of why I posted it,.. I too had been researching for a while for my next bike and I ran into a lot of the same issues - That coupled with a nightmare 03 KFX400 I just finished up I was WAY gun shy on this next purchase :D

OMG , it's a ticking time bomb! Lol, glad to hear it's running great.

happy days cant beat that feeling

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