1995 CR250 warning labels on rear fender

I recently acquired an OEM rear fender for my 95 CR 250 and the goal is to keep the bike in a near showroom, but unrestored condition.  I'd like to have the warning stickers on it, and when I went to check the parts fiche for the warning sticker on the rear fender I learned that there were actually 2.  Does anyone have a photo and/or a part number for item #2 in the "CAUTION LABEL" fiche?  http://www.partsfish.com/oemparts/a/hon/506c0947f870023420a2cd04/caution-label



Thanks S.O.A.N.Z!  Any idea if that is the US label?  The fender I bought came from Italy, and while it has the larger warning sticker on it, it's in a language I can't read so I plan on replacing it.

Its on a US parts fiche

any pics of your labels ?

23 hours ago, S.O.A.N.Z said:

any pics of your labels ?


Thats this one



1 hour ago, S.O.A.N.Z said:

Thats this one



Correct, I intend to replace the one I have with this one.  I would also like to try and source the second, smaller one in your first photo if I can find one.

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