Price check - 2014 Husaberg FE250

Let me preface this by saying this bike has been METICULOUSLY maintained. Its probably the best condition 2014 bike in the state, if not the region. The current owner is a well-known suspension expert and has offered to customize the suspension for me if I buy the bike. Additionally, it has a rekluse clutch, Scott's dampener, full FMF 4.1 carbon exhaust, skid plate/handguards. He's asking $5000 for it. Do you guys think this is a reasonable price? Thanks!


If the bike is as you say then that is a very good price.  But, how is parts availability for a brand that doesn't exist as of almost 4 years ago?

5 minutes ago, MACROMOLECULE said:

It's basically a KTM. Parts aren't too bad at all:

Actually its basically a Husky if you want to get picky. ;)  It was just something I threw out there because even when they were making them they didn't sell very many.  They were a "boutique" brand.

read up on the reviews.  Either as Husaberg or Husky wasnt loved by the dirt bike magazines.  Suspension work is definitely required.  Here is one such review...seem to recall seeing a bunch more with similar feelings.

Agree that the KTM, Husky and Husaberg were all using the same parts except for color treatments.  Husaberg prior to KTM buyout produced a 70 degree motor for the 390/450/570 FX and FE models that were part KTM part Husaberg.  This thing is all KTM carrying Husaberg colors - Blue/Yellow.  In fact the entire 2014 FE line up of 250/350/501 were just KTM everything with slight variances in suspension parts and plastic colors.

Take a look at the price guides and see how it fares there.  The aftermarket parts are good and worth money only if that is exactly what you would purchase.  And, it does sound well equipped.

Even though this is exactly the same as the Husky FE250, I feel like the Husaberg bikes lost a good $500 to $1000 off the used price simply from being discontinued.  Can make it a tougher resell if/when that times comes.  I would be less worried about parts availability.


p.s. just looked at price guides using my zip code:  KBB = $5645 Retail, $3885 Trade-in; NADA = Avg Retail $5445, Low Retail $4140.  Appears to be right in the ball park at least for Colorado.



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