YZ250X suspenion settings - share your clickers!

Hi All,

Trying to start a suspension collective,

  • Year and Model
  • Valving (Factory Connection, Racetech, stillwell, etc.)
  • Class (AA, A, B, C)
  • Terrain
  • Weight
  • Springs
  • Rider sag
  • Clickers
  • Comments on feel

Ill start

2016 YZ250X 

  • Valving - Stock 
  • Class - C
  • Terrain - New England woods, single track and hare scrambles
  • Weight - 200 lbs of glory
  • Springs - Shock 5.6kg Factiory Connection , Forks 0.46kg Factory Connection
  • Rider sag 105mm
  • Clickers - Front Comp 15 out, Rebound 15 out -  Shock Rebound 14 out, High speed 1 and 3/4 turns out, Low speed 11 out
  • Just changed settings as the factory 12 and 12 were too stiff for the roots and rock gardens. Felt amazing in the turns and on fast and flowy. Just upgraded springs to weight appropriate - will update once I ride Wednesday.

What's the word?

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