Bad fork seal and oil on breaks

I have been struggling with leaking fork seals on my 2008 yz250f. I have that problem solved but now my brakes suck.

I deglazed rotor with 100 grit sand paper and brake cleaner and changed pads. The brakes still feel weak.

I am wonder if oil can get imbedded into the rotor and ruin it.


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How "cupped" is your rotor? New pads on a worn rotor need time to wear in. If you haven't already, measure the thinnest point on the rotor with a micrometer to see if it is still within spec.

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The oil wouldn't have soaked into the rotor and ruined it. Could be the pads are different from the ones you had before and have a different feel. Could have air in the system.

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The rotor isn't that worn. I'm comparing the feel to my yz125. Next step should probably bleed the brakes.

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I deglazed the rotor again and replaced pads again. Brakes are working well now.

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