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2014 KTM 65 SXS gearing...

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Just picked this bike up, runs great, sounds great, stupid fast for a little bike....but that's with me on it. The kid hasn't quite gotten to the point where he's twisting the grip yet. Here's some thoughts swirling around my head.


I feel like it needs some more low end power. I've also noticed that the gearing is at a 14/47 when a standard SX model comes at a 14/48 and oddly enough a brand new orange 250 SX is geared at 14/50, that's three teeth lower than a bike that's not even have it's displacement.


So I'm thinking I should at least add two teeth to the rear, but at the same time I'm not looking to make the bike explode with power off the bottom. With that said, I'm considering a flywheel weight to smooth things out. I want him to have good low end power, but I also want that power to be usable.


I'd appreciate any input from people that have experience with the little bikes, gearing, etc...IMG_20170805_0937530.jpg


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