Clutch Friction Plates and steel plates

After 70 hours on KX 100, I changed my daughters Friction Plates and Steel Plates.  This is the first time doing this, and I was wondering by the look of the pictures if you can tell me if they needed to be changed or not?  I haven't had a chance to measure them yet, but Just wondering in the future what I should be looking for.



I would say it is easier to tell when the plates need to be replaced by riding it, more so than looking at them. Measuring is the sure way to tell if they need it, or are close to it. You can tell if it has been slipped alot by looking at the metal plates. Steel plates will get a blue/purple color on them from heat. Aluminum plates will get grooves worn in them. The tabs on the fiber plates will get mushroomed on the edges with some hard use as well.

You have to measure and check according to the manual. You also have to measure and check the spring free length and ideally, coil strength with a spring tester. Appearance is a small part of a clutch job.

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