2010 250 XC-W

Hello, Im kinda new to the KTM game. But im looking at a 2010 250 XCF-W Champions edition.  The seller says that it dumps fuel out of the over flow and it needs the valves adjusted.  Sounds like it has about 60 hours on it.  They have been previously adjusted as well.  Hes got it listed for 2200 obo.  From what i can tell, they dont seem to have any issues with the valves like the Jap bikes do- the titanium streaching/tuliping.  Ive got an 04 RMZ 250 that runs great after i rebuilt the head. Obviously this would be an upgrade but im worried about the valves/head possibly being an issue like the rmz.  I understand its a used but and you take a chance regardless, but what do you think? If youve got one of these, how do you like it?

valves adjusted twice at 60 hour and 2010, does not sound right?

That's kind of what I'm thinking or it's a carb issue as he said it only runs on choke, which is likely the pilot hey blocked and he thinks it's the valves


anyone else have some input? looks like a good bike, might still get a chance to check it out.

If it doesn't run right that's his loss. Offer him 500 off the price for a valve job....put a new pilot jet in it and ride the mess out of it. DA should get it running right if he wants asking price🤣

On 8/8/2017 at 7:04 AM, 9formula6z said:

anyone else have some input? looks like a good bike, might still get a chance to check it out.

Hour meters get swapped out by some folks and newer plastics put on.  Kind of like people that spun back old speedometers making a well used vehicle more appealing. Does the frame and motor look like a bike with only 60 hours? 

This is all true, thanks for the input. Unfortunately I will now have to let this one go as my refrigerator went out and needs replacing. I will however keep an eye out for the next 250 or 350! I do think a 250 xcf-w will be perfect for me and my riding area!

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