YZ450 cutting out issues

Evening all,

I have a 2011 YZ450 with a WR box and weighted flywheel, the bike has been taking in recently and fully serviced including shimming; the clutch has been looked at an is all within spec.

The problem I'm experiencing is after about 10 minutes of riding whenever I hold in the clutch the bike dies, any ideas?


You will have to be more specific.

In gear or not?

Dies only then?



It dies after a few moments when in gear, when idling in neutral and I hold in the clutch it does the same thing. Rode an enduro sat and whenever I'd come to a stop and pull in the clutch she would die..

-Airfilter has been cleaned

-Valves were just shimmed

-Oil and filter changed

-Clutch within spec according to the Yamaha mechanics

Weird thing is initially when I start it and ride for a few minutes I don't have a problem..

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