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Ryan R Henry

HELP ME BUILD custom FZ-09 Off-Road Adventure bike!!

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sup dudes!

so I Just moved back to California and been looking to replace my GROM with something a little more appropriate for the area. LOVE my 181 bbk mini, but my daughter complains about the excessive vibrations and long rides are a little rough. Never truly desired a grom but after having my 600rr, sumo wr450, and 1000rr all stolen within 6 months in south Florida - I stumbled across it craigslist and thought it would be perfect to shove in my elevator and keep in my 10th floor condo: 14478494_1083682268405586_25310557783625

Been looking out for a EFI wr450 to replace it, but understand plating it is a headache im still a bit worried about the buzziness from the single cylinder at sustained speeds... so the hunt for the perfect bike has dragged on and I haven't been completely satisfied with anything... until I googled "off road fz 09" and landed on this!:



this &%$#@!er is perfect in every way and I NEED to build it!!


Looks like it will need forks, front brake setup, fender, 19/17" wheels, tires, gearing, and rear suspension to get a solid base going.... wondering if any of you could recommend some stuff!






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Hey Ryan,

I know it's been over a year since your post, butI recently stumbled upon the same bike and have become obsessed with it as well.  Just wondering if you've learned anything or started building it yet.

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