changing brake pads

well thanks for all the help with corners, now i guess it would be easier if i had some brakes.

need to change front and back on my 2001, i've done this before on street bikes but never dirt bikes. Shouldn't be too hard, got any pointers or advice before i start?

i have the manual and know i can do it, was just looking for little do's and dont's to make the job easier

well i aint got any, i need to do my first pad job on mine too :)

Hey, I have a don't...

Don't hit the brake lever while the wheel is off...

Other than that it's pretty straight forward...

Ride On,,,


tis not in le manual ole chap? :)

Haven't done the front but just did the rear.

There's a rod that connects each pad on the rear. On the right side is a cap which gets unscrewed, it's about a quarter inch long. Then behind that is where you unscrew the rod, allen head. Remove rod. Then with a screwdriver, gently press the right pad back which will depress the plunger and give you sufficient room to remove the old and install the new. The old pad will drop down before pulling out, though you have to pull it down. When installing the new ones, push up in the back then up in the front.

Remove the metal holder and heat shield if you have one, from the old pad and place over new pads.

DO NOT depress brake lever while pads are out. If you do, that pesky plunger will be in the way.

Slide new pads in, if not enough room, you have to depress the plunger (to the right) further.

Screw rod back through both pads, and snug tight. Don't need to crank on it. Then screw plastic cover back in, again, no need to crank on it. Spend about 20 minutes riding and gently applying the brakes to "break in" the pads. Make sure you have a clean break disc before riding on the new pads.

I changed mine in about 20 minutes which is probably 15 minutes longer than someone whose done it before.

Good luck


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