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Awesome customer service.

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A shout out to Lippert Corporation. :thumbsup: 

I have a 2014 TH that was wearing one of the tires badly. I finally decided to pull the axle and see what, if anything, was wrong with it. After some measurements I found the spindle was welded a few degrees off axis causing accelerated tire wear.

I first called Forest River, the manufacturer of the Work and Play TH, who basically told me to piss off, it was out of warranty. I noted to them somebody had written "4 Scrap" on the axle yet it was still installed. Their words were basically "Too bad." The funny thing is I asked for nothing, only called them to note there was a QC issue. (I'm going to remember this.)

I went ahead and contacted LCI Corporation, the manufacturer of the unit and explained what happened. The rep at Lippert asked me if there was anything they could do. I told them no, just a heads up that this happened and told them I'd already replaced the axle albeit with one an inch shorter which I saw no issue with.

I just received a new axle assembly complete with hubs, brakes and springs that is OEM for the Work and Play TH, far and away more than I would have even asked for if I had. An axle tube would have been fine and I would have happily swapped all the components.

They now have a customer for life and I'll recommend them to others based just on the one experience. :banana: 

Lippert Axles.

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