RPM's won't come down

18 hours ago, mortimersmythe said:

I saw this thread the other day and didn't read it...

I installed a Scott's using a submount today and took the bike out this afternoon. While riding at a super slow speed the engine started revving on its own and I immediately hit the kill switch. Damn, I shoulda read that thread... Happened again and then a third time. Each time I hit the kill switch, got off the bike and looked everything over. Once I started it again up the problem went away. When it happened a fourth time I saw what was going on, maybe you can tell from this picture...

Yup, the Scott's was grabbing the throttle cable. Felt kinda dumb.

Anyways, for the OP: good luck and let us know what you find...

One of the first things I checked. Even took off the cover where the cable attaches to the TPS just to be sure.

On 8/10/2017 at 2:53 PM, mtngoat said:

I had this issue and it was something different that what everyone else has mentioned. My error at about the same amount of hours as you have on yours.

After servicing the air filter I didn't get it seated back down completely in the air box. It looked good from the side that you put it in on, but the opposite side hadn't seated properly. Dirt got into the intake and coated one of the sensors in there so it couldn't do its job properly.  Once everything got properly cleaned and air filter got put in properly, the dealer did a reprogram on it and it's been good ever since.

I now take the seat off when I put the air filter back in to make sure it has seated all the way around.

Do you know what sensor was cleaned and where it was? 

Sorry, dealer took care of it. That is the info passed down to me from them. Very trustworthy dealer. They sponsor many racers in the area and go the extra mile to take care of the regular guys too.


Tomorrow, the bike will be at the local dealer for 3 weeks now! This is beyond frustrating. First, my trip was ruined and cost me a ton of money. Now I've been without a bike for 3 weeks. I was informed the dealer is having issues with the software....

So I guess it is great to have a one year warranty (haha), but no good if they can't fix the damn thing.  I think I'm going to be a believer of "simpler is better" route now. No more FI for me on dirt bikes. 


Ha. Dealer just contacted me and said the bike is ready. Replaced speed sensor cable (other issue it was in for) and did a rest on the stepper motor using the software (apparently solved the issue).

So 3 weeks and two Beta dealers just to do a reset on the stepper motor....WTF! 

Man, that's terribly frustrating! Getting the right dealer seems to be key, no matter what brand of bike you purchase.

 Never purchasing new before, I did my research before pulling the trigger on my Beta.  My dealer has ridden his '15 Beta 430 over 6000 off road miles, including 3 Rips to Cabo and many local races.  I felt very comfortable purchasing from him knowing he knows these bikes inside and out.  

I realize not everyone has the opportunity to purchase from a dealer who rides like this, but it sure makes a huge difference regardless of the brand.  

Lots of horror stories over on the Orange site with similar situations with dealers who are not great at servicing bikes. 

Not just in motorcycles, but I believe it's hard to find good customer service in almost any industry these days. I just went through the lemon law process with my Ford F-150. It was a nightmare! (I have no luck with new vehicles over the past 2 years, lol)

But from my experience so far, the biggest downfall of Beta in the US is the limited knowledge among some of these(very limited) dealers and the ability to get a part the same day if you go to a dealer. They also make it harder by limiting the amount of people who have access to the Beta software IMO. If I could buy the cable and software for $150 or so and perform the rest myself, I wouldn't be as pissed off (and if you didn't read prior posts, the manual rested of the stepper motor did not work). 

In the end, my issues should have been resolved at the first dealer the day I brought it in. It wasn't an engine failure or something catastrophic. But it took 3 weeks, me driving over 15 hours, cost me over $1200 and me losing my vacation days for my bike to get fixed. 

Maybe I'm just unlucky. But I'm thinking of limiting my chances of bad luck in the future by selling the bike. 

I certainly feel for you and there's nothing more frustrating than buying something new and it doesn't perform as it should.  

I also agree that the dealers need to be more knowledgeable and Beta US would benefit greatly by being picky about who they allow to be a dealer, especially as a lesser known brand.  

But, it certainly happens to other brands and I would never purchase from a big box dealership or a dealer who carries lawn equipment which seems to be prevalent.

 Unfortunately,  the days of the great local dealer who rides, wrenches, and is involved with the local off road scene are almost over.  We are so fortunate to still have a few left and I totally trust these guys. 

On a side note, taking with my Beta dealer and being a dealer nowadays is literally hand to mouth.   Very limited profit margins and you better absolutely love it because it's a tough way to make a living. 

2 hours ago, SinR1 said:


Maybe I'm just unlucky. But I'm thinking of limiting my chances of bad luck in the future by selling the bike. 

Hang in there. It sucks to hate your brand new bike you want to love. You'll work out all the kinks and be happy in the long run. Now you are the knowledge base and the next guy will benefit from your experience!


Two weeks and two dealers is unacceptable. 

I've had a couple of Euro bikes in the past, and the problem with most is the absolute need to use a dealer to access the ECM.  I hate that.  Most Japanese bikes aren't that way.  But...for me, the Beta's (both the Xtrainer and 390RR-S) are so much more to my liking than any Japanese options, that I felt it was worth the potential hassle.  As it turns out, both my Beta's have not had any problem I couldn't solve myself.

There's a good chance you may never have another similar issue with your bike...and the design is so good (it really is), you may learn to love it quickly.




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