Fork spring question

This afternoon I cut 2 inches from the bottom of my fork springs (the tightly wound end) and added 2 inch spacers to increase the spring rate while keeping the stock preload.   I filed the spring ends to flatten them some and reinstalled everything.  Later when I was cleaning up, I noticed that the very bottom of the spring is a slightly smaller diameter than the rest and obviously I cut that part off so I am just wondering if the bottom of the spring sits on top of the damper rod or if the smaller diameter was there to allow it to fit inside a recess on the damper rod?  I hunted the web trying to find a picture but couldn't be sure so I thought I'd ask.


The forks feel much better than they were stock, I'm using 15w fork oil also.

Just flip the spring over so the factory dressed end sits on the damper rod and the plastic spacer touches your cut end.

Lol, the simplest answer.  You would think after standing there for an hour racking my brain wondering if it would cause a problem or not I would have just said "well why don't I flip it around?"   It honestly never once crossed my mind but only because my manual says to put the tightly wound end down.   Thanks Confederate, I will swap them around after work.  

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