Clutch is slipping 1985 XL250R

It was a dual sport bike but only take it offroad now. Signals off and only run a headlight. Dirtbike tires on it. Stock gearing.

It got stuck a couple times and the clutch is on it way way out. Thing is 30+ years old. LOL. Yes I put the right oil in it for wet clutch...

Looking at the EBC clutch kit. Any good? Comes with friction plates and steel spacers and springs. I can get it for 76.00 to my door. (Canadian)

EBC kits have pretty good reviews  :thumbsup:

Have you done an inspection on the current clutch components yet?  I would before spending $$. Just so you know exactly what parts you may/may not need. While in there look for overheated/ warped steels, thin fibers and basket gouging.  Order a new gasket.  Good luck and keep us advised.  G, in Vegas 👍😎

My 97 XR250R clutch lasted 20 years, you can't really ask much more than that from any clutch. 

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