Basic question, but I'm stumped

Hello, I just got a 2009 KX250F.  It had a different header pipe and muffler on it, but I put the OEM pipe and muffler back on it.  There is a mark on the muffler pipe where there used to be a clamp.  I searched everywhere online to find a clamp, but I can't find one.  The owner's manual makes mention of a joint clamp bolt, so I assume there is a joint clamp.  If anyone can help to solve my mystery I'd appreciate it!  Thank you.

joint clamp 002.jpg

joint clamp 006.jpg

There should be a clamp that goes on the muffler that clamps it to the head pipe

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Thank you to everyone who responded!  I found the clamp I needed.  I went to Kawasaki Parts Warehouse and thought the way they have their parts finder section was awesome!  I really liked the schematics for each section of the bike.  Thank again to everyone!

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