Easy question maybe?

So i'd been spending a lot of my time lately playing with my power commander v trying to get the best out of my 08 rmz450 i got her dyno tuned with some aftermarket cams but she was floating at high rpms so i decided to put my stock cams back on. Tune changed completely and i got her almost to perfection on top and mid range but when i hit my throttle with clutch in sometimes it makes a sound like shes asking for more fuel. Thing is i don't know at what point of the rpm range i have to make the adjustment. I attached a picture of my graph.IMG_5777.JPG

Dyno and track are two different things. Also, the dyno type makes a huge difference.

I have no idea about you reving the engine with the clutch in. No load, who cares how it runs???

Your graph would have more value if posted with the related AFR and rpm as well as the throttle position and HP/TQ values from a brake dyno.

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