What else could it be?

I have a high mileage drz400s that was in good shape. While riding a trail I blew a fuse after repeatedly blowing 20a fuses I put in a 30a and instantly fried my wiring harness, ignition, and starter/kill switch. I have replace wiring harness, starter kill switch, ignition cannot find any other wiring damage obviously it's not associated with the wiring harness as I have replaced it. thinking it must be something other than the harness. I cannot find any visible damage to remaining wiring. 


Any ideas? What would u check next?

I have unplugged my blinkers, headlight tail light, traced all wiring for damage. Replaced wiring harness. Still blows fuse the second I turn key to on.

Congratulations on learning an important lesson - never replace a fuse/breaker that is continuously opening with a larger value fuse/breaker. It creates smoke, then fire.

You have a dead short somewhere. Perform a continuity test on every connector and every load. I would start at the ignition switch because that's where all of the electrical power in the harness begins.

Edited by Gary in NJ

Good idea to not hack your wiring and remove the fuse from the charging system either.

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