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XR400 forks on a 1991 XR250

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On the project XR250 the front forks aren't that great so toying with conversion to XR400 as I have these set up nicely on my 400.

I have the 400 tree, but the stem seems 15mm too long. Is it possible to drop the xr400 stem through the bottom clamp - is it interference fit and can be got off with some heat ? Or do i just make up a spacer ?

I saw elsewhere i need the XR400 front wheel bearings and spacers and axle - that seems straight forward enough, plus the caliper mounts are at the same centres.

The issue i see if the handlebar stop as these are different. I could drill/tap the XR400 lower clamp and insert a bolt - would this work ?

I saw someone say, don't bore out the 250 clamp - has this been tried and proved a failure as it only needs 2mm taking off ?



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I used the stem from my 94 in the XR400 lower triple. It was exactly .010" too small so I used a .005" shim wrapped around the stem when I pressed it in. 

The XR400 stops on the lower triple stop against the frame at the same time the top triple hits the fuel tank. I had to bend the oil cooler lines just a tad out of the way so they didn't get pinched. Turning radius is very small now. 

XR250 caliper bolted on XR400 forks like normal. 

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